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Resilience Agenda Radio - Talking Digital Nutrition™ With Jocelyn Brewer

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In today’s episode with Jocelyn Brewer we discuss how to “untangle” ourselves from the distracting pull of technology. 

Jocelyn introduces us to the idea of ‘Digital Calories’ and how time is a finite resource that we don’t want to be wasting.

We talk about the controversy with Jean Twenge and her infamous article: “Have Smartphones destroyed a generation” and discover that the answer is no!

Jocelyn shares her unique ideas about how best to handle technology-obsessed kids and their screen-time and how imposing strict limits and bans can be counter-productive.

We discuss the 3Ms of Digital Nutrition and learn about how what we consume online has an effect on our thoughts and behaviour – just like what we eat.

We talk about why an email from your boss is not a lullaby and talk about some great common-sense tips, hacks and strategies for building better technological habits into our lives that enable us to get more done and connect better with those around us.

In this fun, fast-paced and entertaining podcast, we might not use our phones in the same way ever again. At least until the episode is over. 

Today’s Guest:

Jocelyn Brewer is the founder of Digital Nutrition™ a positive and proactive framework for considering digital wellbeing.

A qualified psychologist, entertaining public speaker and parent, Jocelyn’s mission is to help people create an intelligent and intentional relationship with technology. Using the frame work of a digital diet, Jocelyn draws on parallels with the way we consume food to better understand our approach to engaging with digital tools.

Jocelyn’s approach is practical, evidence-based, entertaining, and goes beyond impractical ideas such as screen-time, detoxes and fasts.