About Us



We want to Change the Meaning of Mental Health so that it's more inspiring, relevant and empowering to everyone


We encourage people to think
of their Mental Fitness just
like they do their Physical Fitness.


We create products and content that inspire people to be pro-active with Mental Fitness and to share their passion with others.

Resilience: “the capacity of a system to adapt to stress, shock and setbacks and re-build itself when necessary.”

Agenda: “the things that a person or organisation considers to be important and wants to solve or achieve - also, a calendar, planner or diary for taking notes and keeping important priorities.”

How are we Changing the
Meaning of Mental Health?

That's why we believe in Mental Fitness.

Resilience Agenda

Our Vision

Resilience Agenda

Our Story

Resilience Agenda was founded in 2016 by Melbourne native Hadleigh Fischer to inspire people to take a more pro-active approach to the way we think about Mental Health. Read More